Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shiny and New and White and Cool!


Lookie Lookie what I just bought with my birthday money! An iPad 2 Wi-Fi with 64GB. I don’t know much what that means other then it is shiny and new and white and so cool!!

Now I need to things:

1. a super duper case to protect my new baby.

2. to learn how to use it.

I’m afraid to take it out of the box. I fear it will suck me in and I won’t submerge until after the three day weekend is over and I can’t do that to my kids. But oh my am I tempted to just play play play!!!

Any suggestions on what kind of super duper protective case I should get?

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chloe said...

Oh you will love it!!! :)
The case I really like is the one from best buy, called Targus. Its a little pricey but very sturdy and I love how it holds the iPad up in two positions when you are using it. Great for watching movies too. It is black leather outside, or you could choose white, and pretty blue suede inside. It holds the iPad nice and tight in a plastic shell on the one side and then closes like a little book.
On the back of it there is a cool cut out for the apple sign :)
Go check them out!!! Also you can swivel the iPad vertical like your iPhone as well as horizontal.
I believe it's around $50 but worth it to protect your new pretty iPad!!!

Heather said...

i jsut have a regular folding one. It seems to work just fine. Are you looking for something to carry your ipad in to protect it? Like a little case/pocket/purse thingy? if so you could check etsy. I think eventually I will try making mine a cushioned case that I can carry it in that will also fit in my purse. But for now the folding cover is working just fine for me.

Melody's Voice said...

Geeze! 64gb...what are you planning on doing on that thing?

So exciting though :)

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