Monday, May 28, 2012

Old Glory

We have a lot of Patriotic Pride at our household. A lot! I get choked up signing the National Anthem. I get goose bumps watching fighter jets fly overhead. I want to hug every cute old man I see wearing his veteran’s hat. I LOVE red white and blue. I am a proud Navy wife :)
Speaking of that handsome Navy officer I am married to—he painstakingly hung up Old Glory yesterday. Two drill bits, some choice words, a very long family trip to The Home Depot, some more drill bits, and I don’t know how many various special screws later, it was anchored to the side of our house, flapping gloriously in the wind.

We, and by that I mean mommy, wanted to get photos of our red white and blue outfits (that we were ALL wearing) in front of our big flag. Husband and the seven year old said “peace out” but the two younger ones somewhat participated with half smiles.
I am so grateful to live in this beautiful country and to live the American family dream.  I can do this because of brave men like my Grandpa who fought in the Army in WWII, and my husband’s Grandpas who fought in the Navy in WWII.  And for men who still sacrifice and protect, like my husband in the Naval Reserves and my brother-in-law in the Marines and my cousin the Navy.
Happy Memorial Day!
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Crysta said...

great post Amber! Loved your red and white shirt at church yesterday!

Heather said...

Cute white skirt. I wore a white skirt to church on Sunday with a navy blue top. I don't usually try to make my whole family matchy-matchy but last Sunday I did. We coulda fit right in with your photo shoot.

Melody's Voice said...

Yeah "Red" doesn't look too excited there...cute festive outfit!

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