Friday, April 6, 2012

When you realize your outfit matches your kitchen…




Cardigan: Target, Shirt: Costco, Pants: Express, Shoes: Target, Bracelet: Bloom

…and yet despite how much you adore your cardigan you cannot figure out why you don’t adore the color selections you made for your kitchen. (Note: the color pallet of my kitchen was NOT based off of this cardigan.) And although you tell yourself, “Amber if you love yellow and beige together in the cardigan, then you should love it on your walls!”; you still find yourself flipping through color swatches to figure out what the heck you do like.

It may just be a case of “you want what you don’t have.” I thought by age 35 that would be completely grown out of.  Maybe it happens at 36.

It’s a puzzler. The catalog kitchen I designed my entire kitchen around (tile, counters, floors, cabinets) had yellow walls too. I liked it in the catalog. I should like it real life. I should. I frustrate myself.

Any ideas? Here it is.


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Melody's Voice said...

It does seem a little monochromatic. Maybe you can bring in some colorful acceressires on you countertop or on top of your cabinets.

Jamie said...

Yellow is a really hard paint color to work with, and it's hard to find a good yellow. Your tiles are a dark beige, so I would go deeper in the yellow. I also agree that you need to pop in more colors with accessories:)

Danett said...

Love the sweater, I actually have the same one. Target right? Anyway I know what would make a big difference in your kitchen. You need some iron knobs or handles on your cupboards, like the grill top on your stove. Your cupboards are beautifully white, but a large white area with nothing to break it up. I feel this would totally help out with your already beautiful kitchen. I love the shade of yellow!

Heather said...

I've seen your kitchen in real life and the yellow in this picture looks more bright. The yellow in your ktichen is definitely YELLOW, but it's not ugly, it's a mellow yellow. I like it. But if you feel like you need a new color than do a new color. I agree with Mel and the others. Add a bit of interest with accessories and decor and the yellow won't be so "HELLO HERE I AM" which is what I think you wanted your yellow to say to you.

Heather said...

I meant, I think you wanted your yellow to NOT say "Hello Here I AM". I wrote it wrong in my comment post...oops!

Dani said...

I agree with the above comments, but I also think the yellow would look better contrasted with darker tile. Yellow and beige don't seem to pop very well together. Maybe if it was a deep gray or purple or even a black, the yellow would contrast with it better. Contrasting colors seem to complement each other better then colors on the same side of the color wheel. (This would be different shades of red(pink)/green, orange/blue, yellow/purple combinations). So if you wanted to keep the beige tile, a good contrast to it might be blue or violet or something. If you don't want to change up the wall, you could add contrasting colors to the rest of the kitchen (like others said) and it would help.

I'm also a fan of adding some kind of handles or knobs to the cabinets to match up with the stove top.

Melissa said...

What size is this sweater? Does it run small or not? I'm loving it!

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