Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tips from my Sis

My sister Heather is all things crafty and thrifty. She loves to come up with new ideas to make her world prettier and more functional.  And, as good sister should, she passes on to me her ideas to help make my world prettier and more functional.  The following is a recent email she sent me.

Hey Amber, here are some tips and pics you can post on you blog if you want:


Tip 1. Buy inexpensive drapes from ikea and dress them up by adding your own ruffles at the bottom.

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Tip 2. Staple a strip of elastic to the inside of your media drawer to hold booklets and papers from DVDs and video games you don't want to loose.


Tip 3. To keep your wide necked shirts from sliding off the hanger wrap a rubber band around the ends of your hanger.

Tip 4. When you need to keep track of which cup belongs to which child, use a rubber band (the ones that come wrapped around your broccoli stems work great) with the kids names written on them.

Tip 5. (no pic)To make your wedding ring sparkle again soak it in vinegar for a few hours or overnight. Then using an old mascara wand scrub the crevices clean. Rinse in water and you have a sparkly ring.

Tip 6. (no pic) If you have one of those metal baskets that hang from you shower head, you can keep it from slipping down by wrapping a rubber band around the neck of the shower head pipe at the spot where you want the arm of your basket to sit.

….{thank you Heather}.

Visit Heather’s Etsy store to see her handmade quilts, scarves, and purses. Warning—you will fall in love!  Happy4ever by Heather

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I like all the helpful hints. The rubber band on the hanger is something I will do.

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