Friday, April 27, 2012

A warning!




There should be a Surgeon General Warning on particular shoes. Particularly these shoes. See those little ankles—probably the only thing little on me? See those wedges? Um, not a good combo. Here are some suggestions to the warning label that could go on their shoe box:

Warning! These shoes may cause a sprained ankle. Especially if the wearer plans on wearing them to the grocery store and push a grocery cart while trying to keep up with her three year old who refuses to sit in the front car steering wheel part that he insisted on you using.

That label may be too long.

Here’s a more precise suggestion:

Warning! These shoes are not for walking. At all. They are barely appropriate for standing. Only wear these shoes while seating, or if you plan on walking very slowly or a very short period of time.

Hmm, that label may be too long as well.

How about this?:

Warning! Cute, but risky.

Me wearing these shoes reminds me of one of my favorite You Tube clips:

Oh goodness that makes me laugh every time!


shoes: Target; pants: NY&Co; shirt: Shade; Cardigan: Costco; Necklace: World Market

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jamie said...

Lol! I love your blogs, they are hilarious!

Melody's Voice said...

So funny! That video is hilarious. Somehow she suddenly has Gumby's ankles. lol.

Heather said...

Before I read your post I saw your picture and thought "cute shoes" but then had second thoughts after reading how dangerous they are ;)
That video is too funny. It makes me laugh and then I laugh some more when the news casters are cracking up over it.

Nickell said...

I guess that's one good thing about having massive ankles....

Stacy Sews and Schools said...

OMGosh!! ROFLOL!! I soooo needed that!!! Thank you!!! :)

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