Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sharing little moments



I am not a tweeter, or is it twitterer. Regardless, I don’t participate. I feel like I don’t need to tell random thoughts and things at all points in the day, nor does anyone care enough. That is what my blog is for—ha! However, showing in the form photos my random thoughts and things is a different story. May I introduce you to my Instagram love affair/addiction.  I’m sure twittering, tweeting, whatever, is too, but a girl’s got to have only so many addictions.

It is an App that takes photos and you can apply cool filters to capture your mood, or make you look better ;) You can also follow really cool people and see all their random moments as well. Like what they are eating for breakfast, or what kind of shoes they have on, or what they look like sitting behind the wheel of a car after five hours of errands. It’s really riveting stuff my friends.

I am about 87% sure I am following the real Josh Hutchinson’s feed (I heart Peeta) and 95% sure I am following the real Jennifer Lawrence. I also follow Lauren Conrad. Did I mention that I am seventeen? Ya.

Anywho, it is lots of mostly useless entertainment, so come join all is cool kids and follow along.

Here is my button to follow me on Instagram. You can also click on the logo or photo above.

(You can find me at amberslittlewonders)

P.S. I am not really seventeen.

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Thanks for getting me started with Instagram. I am enjoying it also!!

By the way, did you see your picture on "our best bites" blog?

jamie said...

I love you admitting to following Lauren!!! She and I are pretty much bffs ;)

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