Sunday, January 15, 2012

Put a Pin in it

Pinterest. Have you got an invite yet? If not, that may be a good thing. If so, you know what I mean.

Since I got my new iPhone, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, they are a few things that really fill up those otherwise boring moments in life, like waiting at a stop light, waiting for my hot cocoa to get hot, waiting in between commercials, just lots of waiting, and tuning out, too. Enter the world of Pinterest. “An online pinboard to organize and share things you love.”  So many images, so much information, so much time to waste to learn. I’m sure I will talk about Pinterest again. But for today, it’s the “My Style” pinboard.  I love seeing other peoples outfits and getting inspiration. Obviously.

Here’s one I pinned…

Pinned Image


And here’s is my copycat version of it…

2011-12-06 001 2011-12-03 001

2011-12-06 001 2011-12-03 008

Obviously not as cute, nor as freakin tall and skinny, but the essentials are the same: Red heels…a must, cuff rolled dark skinny jeans, and a silky top (mine has polka dots too.)

What I learned from this?

1. Things truly look better in a size 2 and 10 feet tall.

2. I like my jeans rolled up kinda 60’s-retro style with some sassy heels.

Pin It!


Melody's Voice said...

I like the cuffed jeans with the red shoes too.

Heather said...

I love the skinny jean with heals look, but don't ever do it for three reasons:
1. Joel hates skinny jeans unless worn with boots.
2. The only time I wear heals is to church, but I can't wear jeans to church so...
3. The look only looks super fabulous on super skinny (like too skinny) models - with that said, I think you've done a marvelous job pulling it off.

As always you look so well put together.

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