Friday, July 1, 2011

Patriotic Nails

2011-07-01 001 2011-07-01 003

Look Melody (and anyone else reading this post)! Guess what I am doing tonight—on the first day of July.

I am actually re-doing.

I got these today because I discovered earlier today that my red red doesn’t dry well—after waking up from dosing off on the couch with my nails sticking to the pillows. Plus, the punk rocker blue polish I have kept around through the years for occasions like these was somehow lost…in the trash.

I like this blue better anyway.

It’s called “Midnight Cami”. Which is awesome sexy.

The red is called “The A List”. Which is also awesome because who doesn’t want to be on the A List.

So, Mel, (and anyone else reading this post), How are your nails?

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Melody's Voice said...

I am ashamed to say that my hand nails are naked, and my toes are teal...maybe tomorrow i will do some painting.

Nickell said...

Oddly enough, mine are the same as melody's. Weird.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I noticed yesterday how patriotic your nails looked.

Heather said...

You inspired me to paint my nails red (my toes were already red).

Jenni said...

I must be in on the underground "it" thing because my nails are naked with teal toes too!! For reals! I had no idea I was so cool. Ssssweet.
I love Essie. They have awesome colors and the best names! My teal is called Trophy Wife! SCORE! (Cause who doesn't want to be a trophy wife!?)

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