Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Independence

The highlights of our Fourth of July included…


For me, cooking all sorts of Patriotic inspired, good ol’ American food.



For the boys (husband included), cruising around in a topless Jeep with a GIGANTIC flag flapping in the wind…and in their faces. Honestly, the flag only lasted 30 seconds after getting on the freeway.  See there, that’s my four year old being smothered by Old Glory. So Daddy had to get out and take it off. It was almost a good idea.

BTW—I drove behind in the minivan. I do topless on a very, very, VERY limited basis. Like never.

When night fell and it was time for fireworks in the sky, the older boys headed out on another Jeep adventure to find the closest fireworks show. I received a text from my husband saying “The boys are yelling ‘were proud to be an American’ as we pass people.”  Apparently, they also announced it when they were in line at the 7-11 for Slurpee's.

I stayed home with the two year old and Nick Lachey (on tv) and watched fireworks in HD from New York. He—the two year old, not Nick—got a private performance by yours truly of The Star Spangled Banner done acapella. Twice—he very much enjoyed it. He is the only one in this universe that would appreciate my singing, and the only one who asks me to sing “Tinkle Star” every night before bed.

Then me and sweet bop made broiler smores. I had four, he had a bite of one—he was more satisfied with the chocolate milk I had made for him during my signing.


If you are family, or have been following my blog for a while now, you know that I can’t let a Holiday go by without showing my festive side through style.

So, while I was at {shush} Walmart, buying ingredients for my ‘Patriotic Pie’….



and these potatoes for my ‘Patriotic Potato Salad’…



I saw this cute, simple dress and HAD to get it.


I HAD to also get one in red. It might even be a linen fabric!


New dress.



Good Cookin’.



And ice cream pie to top it off :)

I love the Fourth of July and


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Lap of Luxury said...

you look so cute, as always! All the food looks scrumptious!

Heather said...

I love that you are so festive around the holidays. And that dress is soooo cute! I can't wait til I can shop again (I feel like I'm always saying that).

Lynette Snow said...

You're just do cute. I love the 4th of July outfit. I have to admit, I had to giggle a little at your statement "I do topless on a very, very, VERY limited basis."

Lynette Snow said...

That should say "too" cute.

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