Monday, June 20, 2011

A Nautical Summer

I gots the stripes, I just don’t gots the boat.


I am totally attracted to stripes this season, which isn’t difficult because they are everywhere—in case you haven’t noticed. I noticed this when I went shopping at the mall (which I hadn’t done in MONTHS and MONTHS) with my sisters last week. Although I try to avoid stripes because, “as they say”, they tend to make one appear larger or wider, I finally succumbed to being bombarded with them in every store, and picked up this drapey tank at Express.


Does it make me look wider? Yes.

Is it too cute so I can forgive it for making look pregnant? Yes.

Especially because it was only $8, and it covers my tushy.

And may I reiterate what I posted on my personal Facebook wall last week:

“I am not pregnant, nor plan to be anytime soon, I just feel like wearing flowy and comfy shirts this summer. So this will save you from wondering.”

FYI—you’ll be seeing some more stripes on me in the future…I succumbed more then once ;)

See more season trends, including stripes and drapey tanks, at SassyChic.Com
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Lap of Luxury said...

OMG too funny. I am wearing mine today! I'm just lounging today.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Summer had stripes on yesterday also. You look cute and summery

Danett said...

Love this. I want one for the 4th! You made my blog today with an award. GO check it out! =)

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