Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blazin’ Hot!

I’ve decided—in the middle of 100 degree weather mind you—that I NEED a grey or grey-ish blazer. Am I really itching for Fall already? Nah. I love Summer and my tan has so much more to go.

It’s just that I bought a cute grey and purple sundress from {whisper…walmart} and I think a blazer could disguise the {whisper…walmart-ness} of it.

I’ve just recently discovered something everyone else in the fashion world discovered like two decades ago, the classiness and cuteness of blazers with sundresses.

Metal Button Blazer


YesStyle, you may send this to me if you’d like :)

Has anyone seen any blazers on sale anywhere?

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Lap of Luxury said...

super cute! and I love your creative title too :)

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Okay girl- have you seen the new Bella Blue (I think that's what it's called) line at Walmart??? I don't know if it's nation-wide or just in Idaho/Utah but you will die. Looks exactly like DownEast. SO cute. Skirts, cardi's, cami's, dresses, shirts, tanks...ridiculously cute and affordable and good quality. Very not Walmart. I am so happy! If you haven't seen it yet I must go take cell phone pics for you, lol.

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