Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mommy Professional #2

also can be titled: One Love (two, counting me)


My husband LOVES the band U2. Seriously. Loves Them! I understood the magnitude of this love when we were dating. We were on the couch making out having quality time one evening when a live U2 performance came on TV. We had to stop right there, like mid-kiss, and watch. I remember making some sassy, sarcastic remark—because I do that sometimes—and he responded with, “If I could just tour the world with U2 I would.” He is a smart man and quickly added “Aside from being with YOU of course.” I let it slide.

One more example. My husband and I have a somewhat strict rule about going to bed together as close to 10:30 pm as possible. It is for my husband’s sake. His alarm goes off at 5:30 am, and that man needs his sleep. Well, a few years back, U2 was performing live on the David Lettermen show ALL WEEK. As I caring wife, I was concerned for him to stay up past midnight ALL WEEK. So, I logically suggested that he could DVR the U2 Letterman performance and then still be able to get a good night's rest. He just gave me a look and replied, "If you were on t.v., I would not DVR you." I responded, "Good to know I'm up there with U2."

And then sometimes his love for U2 really benefits me. Like when he comes home with a cool shirt that he wishes could fit him, but instead is only in my size.

Cue shirt…


I decided to go cool, rock mom (circa 1988) with a professional touch with this outfit.

I paired this shirt with my black pin stripped slacks.


Cue pieces to complete the outfit…


Fedora hat (copying Bono), flashy diamond & white watch, red platform sandals (for Bono’s RED campaign).

Cue outfit…


How can my husband resist this? Bono and my chest all in one glance.


One Love

One Life.

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Kimberly said...

too funny.....
and the outfit looks good!
I hate pants.I have never found a pair that fits. my hips & waist are not proportionate and I hat the feel of clothes hanging, clinging, off-center, etc. jeans and yoga pants are about it in the pant category for me.

teacher2mom said...

So cute! and funny! My husband is also a U2 fan. :)

Check out my giveaway if you're interested ;)

Lap of Luxury said...

Great outfit! I have been into loose fitted basic tees lately. Best line, "Bono and my chest all in one glance."

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

You could be a model for an epcoming u2 concert.

Heather said...

I like the red shoes. Cute outfit...did you wear it on a date with your U2 fan?

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