Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Primary Printable (Primary 1, Lesson 8)

Lesson 8: “I Am Thankful for the Day and the Night,” Primary 1 (Sunbeams)

This printable goes with the Lesson’s Enrichment Activity #1:

This is a collage for your class member to cut out and glue on a new sheet of paper to create two scenes: one for day and one for night. Give each child a blank sheet of paper, and help them fold it in half (like a book), to divide the paper in two, then have them unfold it flat again. One side is for the Day collage, the other side is for the Night collage. Give each child a copy of this printable to cut out and glue onto their two sides. The title gets clued to the top of the paper.
Suggestion: Some children have at the Sunbeam age struggle with cutting out, especially all those little stars, so I recommend pre-cutting each item on the print out and putting them in a plastic bag for the children to then just paste as they wish.

day and night

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Addicted to Crafting said...

Thank you for this!! Great idea and i'm sure the kids will love it. New follower!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen Christensen said...

Thanks! XXOO

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