Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I have a love affair with Polka Dots

My polka dot love affair started when I was five years old. The very first dress I can remember that I absolutely loved was a peach and white polka dot twirl-y dress with ruffles. If memory serves correct, it is the dress I am wearing in my Kindergarten school portrait picture. Wonder where that picture is now? (Mom?)

Anyway! I am excited! Because today is Polka Dot day at Everybody Everywhere! I had many items to choose from, but I went with something I’ve worn maybe twice in the six years I’ve owned it.

This sweater & satin shirt number.

Polka Dots 023

I swear it has polka dots. I’ll show you closer in a second. But first a little more about this combo. It’s connected. One of those fashion made easy sets. It was a quick impulse buy. However it’s not so fantastic, I quickly discovered, for those who have lumps, bumps, and coconuts. Which I have. In abundance.

So, to try to hide those lumps and bumps (I can’t do anything about the coconuts), I strategically placed a belt over them.

Polka Dots 004

I had to keep adjusting it because it wanted to slide BETWEEN those lumps and bumps.

Oh, and see the bottoms? They are shorts! For the first time this year. Thank goodness the Bermuda Shorts for women came into style a few years back and have seemed to stick around. Wish they were available while I was at BYU, but oh well, now is better anyway.

Polka Dots 007

I finished off the look with my NEW black ankle strap ruffle shoesies. They are Madden Girl and I bought them last week at DSW for $12!!!! Normally $50!!!!

Polka Dots 025

Look—the ruffle on the shoes match the ruffle on my shirt. And see? The Polka dots.

Polka Dots 028

Polka Dots, Ruffles, and Fancy Shoes—a five year old’s dream, OR, thirty-four year old’s.



I really like every single one of these looks from New York & Co. But I particularly love the one with the black Bermuda shorts and Fedora hat. I may just have to copycat that sometime! When I saw this advertisement in my email this morning it inspired my outfit today.
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Heather said...

I love Polka dots too! I'm automatically drawn to them when browsing in a store. I have come totally cute black and white polka dot shoes (with a red heel) that I haven't been able to wear since I've been pregnant.
I also think that bermuda shorts outfit is totally cute, but could I pull it off??? hmmmm...don't know - and won't know til I have this baby! 5 more weeks!

Leah said...
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Leah said...

I love this outfit. I was just in New York & Co last night admiring a few of their new items! I can't even believe you found these shoes for $12 - adorable!! The polka dots are great as well. I realize it is a set, but I love how the blouse is paired with this sweater!

Kimberly said...

I have black ruffle strap heels like those! (not EXACT- but darn close)..... (but I don't think I will ever get used to shorts with heels...)

and you have inspired a personal challenge. I'll blog about it today with a link to you. (so check it out later today)

Kimberly said...

ok. it is written.

Melody's Voice said...

I think this outfit is so so so SO cute. I love the belt and the walking shorts and the shoes...adorable! I like that outfit with the fedora too :)

LoveLife{s.a.h.m.} said...

Love love the shoes! Great deal on them too!
I have a new blog and I'm offering a giveaway be sure to check it out. :-)

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