Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don’t Worry, I’m a Professional…Mommy.

I was talking with another stay-at-home mom (SAHM) friend—who is super cute by the way and may have a bigger high heel fetish them moi, we bonded over Nine West Shoes—about mommy attire versus professional attire.

I appreciate comfy clothes as the next girl, and love the versatility of a good pair of jeans with a cute tee; but part of me still loves the smart, sassy look of a well dressed professional lady. However, as a full time stay-at-home-mom that is just not realistic.

After graduating college and before I was married, I lived it up as a Career Woman! I got my first car, I got my first cell phone, I got myself a credit card, and I built myself a professional wardrobe. I remember the day I was sitting at my desk, and my newly ordered box of business cards was handed to me by my Editor. I pulled one out, saw my name printed on it, with “Staff Writer” written below, and I was one proud cookie.

But as interesting, yet challenging those “Career” days were, I still WOULD NOT trade anything with being a stay at home mom! Alas, my professional wardrobe collects dust in my closet, as my jeans collect messy fingerprints.

Back to my conversation with my friend. We lamented our business casual attire and laughed about our mommy casual attire in comparison. From trousers to tee shirts.

Then I got to thinking. What if I combined the two? Pair the trousers with the tee shirt! Give those fancy pants a second life! (DUH! Right?…I’m probably just catching up to some of you already.)

May I present to you my “Mommy Professional”. (see/read below)

Say hello to my trouser collection:


There are 10—two full working weeks worth. I may or may not have more than ten. What can I say? I love a good trouser. I may or may not still fit all of them. What can I say? I birthed three almost nine pound baby boys.

I am going to attempt to select from these, weather and seasonally permitting, to wear with one of my MANY tee shirts (which I did not photograph because I got tired of pulling my clothes off the hangers knowing I’d have to put them back on the hangers.) And I will do so within a timely manner. Maybe.

In fact, I already did one!

Here is “Mommy Professional #1”:


I picked my white and brown pin stripped trousers from Express.


I came up with this outfit combination idea. (shoes: Target, shirt: Costco, trousers: Express, bracelet: Hawaii, flower clip: handmade by my sister Heather)



If you wanted to take it down a notch in the dressy/casual ratio, trade out the wedges for fancy flip flops like these:



I decided to bring the look together with matchy matchy accessories:





This look was husband approved. When he came home from work and I plopped down next to him as he watched his ESPN unwind time, he petted me. Literally. He petted my leg, and said “These are nice.” He loves a good trouser too. We were a match made in heaven ;)

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Marie said...

I loved this post. First, I think it's awesome that you traded being a career woman for being a mom, and that you love and appreciate it! Second, the outfit is perfect!! I absolutely love it. I would probably wear it with the flip flops. Oh and you look so great by the way. Again, great post!!

Melody's Voice said...

This is a fun idea. I've always liked the fancy/casual look!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I like the idea of mommy/professional. You do run your house like a professional homemaker so why not dress like one also. To look good is to feel good!

Kimberly said...

I was never a career person. I got married at 19 and started popping out my boys by 21.

I have no fancy career clothes...BUT LetMeTellYou- my husband seems to be enjoying my personal 30in30 challenge!

amybyrd said...

Loved this post! That would be sassy teacher attire too! And you might not remember me but we went to high school together. I just won a giveaway from your sister Melody's shop--which my sister (Karen who was in Heather's class found) anyways small world. And I love this cute blog!

Kimberly said...

I linked to you in my recent post!

Leah said...

Love this look!! I've often wondered what I would do if I'm able to stay home when we have children...I'll have to keep up my blog just to ensure that I actually dress in something other than my pjs everyday (cause that is what I stay in when I'm at home all day on a Saturday!!).

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