Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Sassy Classy Best

I love “Christmas Sunday” Church Service! The choir, the carols, the stories, the one-year-old on my lap that would not sit still (and we were sitting on the first row because we gave the prayers). Love it. Really.


Now, for some important points.

1. This is not the outfit I planned on wearing for this “Christmas Sunday”. I went to zip up my Christmas Red satin skirt I planned on wearing and it basically was a mission impossible. This holiday weight is getting out of control. AGGHHH! BTW—the family that brought the plate of fudge to our door tonight…delicious :) So, anyway. I needed to do some last minute re-thinking this morning as I got ready for church and this was the only thing that fit what I came up with.

2. You can pretty much apply this to any photo you see of me past, present and future…FYI. I am the LEAST photogenic person on the face of this earth, even if my super sexy husband is the one behind the camera.  I begged him to let me take a picture of him to show off his debonair holiday attire to church today, but he refused. Adamantly. Ad-a-mant-ly.

3. Please ignore my freakishly bulky arms. Wardrobe malfunction—that I was not aware of until the moment I uploaded this photo. Wonderful.

4. I need a haircut.

Moving on.

Let’s discuss making old news outfits exciting again.

I was not completely thrilled to be wearing this outfit today, and not because I don’t like it, but because, well we’ve been over that (refer to #1). I got this outfit (the sweater and skirt) from my sister six years ago as a Christmas gift. They’re from Gap. And, I actually adore it—green’s my favorite color. But, there is something exciting about wearing a NEW outfit! So, I gave this sweater-skirt combo a “new” for me look by wearing it with pieces I had never worn with it before. I put a grey satin shirt underneath and pulled on these boots to go with. Just two simple changes that gave this a fresh look for me to be excited about wearing…well, mostly excited.

Outfit Sassy Classy Factor:

Sassy—the boots and satin shirt

Classy—the tweed skirt and pearl/diamond necklace

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Melody's Voice said...

I like the outfit. People always for red at Christmas time. I think green is the less appreciated color this time of year. I went with green today instead of green.

Kimberly said...

I need a haircut. all of them actually.

I think I may be over my "outfit" thing. Not sure. We'll see.Maybe the rain and the tiredness has put a damper on my 'cute outfit' wearing thoughts.

your blog seems to have loading issues. It always jumps back up when I scroll. I wonder if anyone else has this problem.

wow. I sounded complainy today. I'll blame it all on the rain.

I like your outfit. "Christmas Red" is over-rated.

Tracy Z. said...

I love the boots and the outfit. You always have the best shoes. If I put something like this together I would look like a dud, but you look so cute!

To Kimberly, I have the same problem. I don't know what it is. I thought it was just me and my computer having trouble loading the page so I never mentioned it.

Amber @ Be Sassy Classy said...

Mel, Kimberly, and Tracy--
Thank you for the kind comments. I apologize for page loading problem. It works fine on mine so I don't know how to fix it. Please let me know if it persists and I will have to do some research.

Tracy Z. said...

Please, don't worry about it. It's not really a loading problem, I guess. All the features load, the page just jumps occasionally when scrolling. It's not a problem.

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