Tuesday, November 16, 2010

After a Fashion: 2

This attempt of mimicking outfits is quite helpful:

1. For that day it alleviates the guess work of what to wear.

2. I am discovering articles of clothing that I thought still fit me, but apparently I need to donate them to a twelve-year-old girl.

3. Forgotten or often ignored items are getting due attention.

Here is the outfit I chose for today…

27 sat

This one was a challenge in trying to find similar colors and patterns.  I don’t think I am bold enough for their choice of stripes with flowers, particularly the color pallets. So, I took the general principle of the items and created my own. Basically, it is a patterned turtleneck under a flow-y patterned top, paired with weathered jeans and ankle boots.

Here is my version…


My turtleneck is not patterned, but it is textured with ridges for visual interest. The top over it is one of those items that I never seem to find what to wear it with. Now I have!  The lacey flower pattern gives it interest as well.  Because the color pallet for the outfit is very neutral with these items, I jazzed it up with my metallic turquoise purse (a benefit to flashy handbags).  I finished it off with a little extra touch (as in the original photo) with a clunky charm bracelet.

I would not have thought to put all these items together. That is what’s so great about finding inspiration around you. Notice how the stylish lady next to you at the grocery isle is dressed, flip through catalog magazines that they love to send you in the mail, see what the latest fashion magazine is styling their models with. Take mental notes, then go home and see what hidden outfits are in your closet.
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Jake and Marie said...

Oh my goodness, I totally liked your outfit better then the models! Very cute!

Melody's Voice said...

So cute! I love the ankle boots with the jeans tucked into them!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I like your outfit better. I love how you use the accessories

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