Monday, April 12, 2010

What’s in your fridge?

Is this just one of my random, weird things, or does anyone else find it interesting to see what others have in their grocery carts?  I especially find it fascinating at Costco because the selection is so vast! Yes, I am curious by nature. And, no, I don’t consider it nosy. It’s not like I am staring, or rustling through the carts. Just a quick glance. Maybe a polite question, like, “Those peppers look good, where did you find those?”  It’s not as if I’m like, “Miralax huh?  Good luck with that.” 

Ok, so maybe I am a little nosy. 

I’m just interested in people, their lives, and how certain things can tell you something about that person possibly.

For instance, refrigerators.  I think it is intriguing to see what people have in their fridge. Again, it’s not like I’m helping myself, opening the door and grabbing something to eat.  I always ask before I open a fridge.

Am I weird? Please tell me someone else thinks it is interesting to see what others have in their fridge! 

The possibilities of what could be behind that door are endless, or scary (mom).

So I thought it would be kinda cool to do a “What’s in your fridge?” photo sharing.  I’ll start with mine…

fridge 005

Now, go take a picture of your fridge and email it to me and I’ll post it. (This will remain completely anonymous, don’t worry)

Maybe this will even motivate you to clean it out and organize…it did for me!

Ok, one more random thing. Does anyone else’s grandmother call the freezer “the ice box”?  I love my Grandma Marian.
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Jason and Danielle said...

I love your blog it is so cute! did you use any special program for your layout?

Stacy said...

OK, I emailed you a pic of my fridge a few weeks ago. I think I'm using the wrong email. Your fridge is my fridge's envy. ha ha.

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