Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving at Home

The Thanksgiving season went way too fast this year. I felt like as soon as I put my festive harvest décor up, I was just as soon taking it down. Next year I’ve decided to put up some of the festive harvest subtlety intermixed with the Halloween décor as a general “Fall Season” theme so I can enjoy my favorite time of year longer.
Thanksgiving Feast was at our home this year, which was a special way to celebrate our first Thanksgiving in our home. So I took care to make our home have the full harvest welcoming look. Warm colors, warm lights, lots of leaves, foliage, and even a feather! I appreciated my large formal dining room and all the open space that allowed everyone to eat, eat, relax, and eat.
2012-11-21 0023
2012-11-21 002
2012-11-21 0022
2012-11-21 0021
* * *
I am grateful for my beautiful home. It was a dream come true to have family gather in our large formal dining room at a bountiful table to basically get stuffed like a turkey. We went very simple and traditional in order to get all the plates and all the platters on the table!
2012-11-22 001

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