Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two Dresses at One Time


My sister Summer got me these adorable black and white, polka-dot bangle bracelets for my birthday. So I wanted to wear a black and white dress to go with them. Except…I don’t have a black and white dress to match them. Some people in this sit-chi-a-tion (like me sister Melody would just sew a dress and two hours later—done!). Me? I just put two dresses on at the same time and create the look I want. It’s kinda the three-year-olds’ way of dressing I’ve learned—two shirts, two shorts, sometimes pants with shorts—when they’re both cool why not wear both? It’s a battle I choose not to fight—I let the 90 degree weather take care of that one for me.


However, in this scenario, it is perfectly acceptable. Add a scarf tie to complete the look and that my friends is how you wear two dresses at one time!


P.S. The white, under dress is a tube-top tiered dress I use as a bathing suit cover up. (see below)


Oh Maui…I miss you.

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Melody's Voice said...

Clever...I love "Blondie" in the back :)

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