Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why breakfast is important…


I almost passed out at the gym the other day. Which is NOT too surprising since I do pass out rather easily—Las Vegas Mirage buffet line at age 16, Husband’s arms after an ant attack at age 27, middle of the night during a bad head cold at age 31—to name a few.  There is almost always an explanation for it. Dehydration—Vegas. Anaphylactic shock—ants. Thyroid Disease—the other couple times.  I’ve learned the tell tell signs prior to passing out by now, and know to sit down immediately or lay down, take steady breaths, and get something beneficial into my body. 

So this other day, at the gym, after a kick butt class, while I was checking little man out of the kids’ club area, the signs came on. I immediately sat down and stayed there for some time. No one really noticed after the first minute, until little man kept saying, “ ‘mon mommy, ‘mon,” as he pulled at the door. I responded “Hold on sweetie mommy needs to sit down for a while.” Then, the staffer at the desk noticed and asked “Are you okay? Do you need some water? I have a bottle of water I haven’t opened yet.” I’m sure my SUPER RED face (see above) didn’t look too great either. I told her the water would be great and thanked her.


This is what she handed me, and let me tell you, it was the best stuff at that moment. Within minutes I was feeling much better! I’m not much of a vitamin water, watered down juice, Gatorade and such type of person, but this stuff I like! No calories, just sweet enough taste, plus it has nutrients. Especially great for boneheads like me that skip breakfast and then proceed to do 60 minutes of intense cardio at the gym. Note to self, eat before workout!!!

Once I regained somewhat normal red faceness, my equilibrium, and normal heart rate, I drove my kicked-butt butt across the street to Costco and bought an entire pack of this stuff. The flavors come in Lemonade (my fav), Orange, and Pomegranate.

This is not sponsored…I’m not that popular or important. I just wanted to share.

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Debbie Blair said...

Glad you're okay!

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