Thursday, February 9, 2012

They should!




The patience necessary for today reached maximum capacity.

I’m just saying:

*McDonald’s chocolate milk should be no more then fifty cents, or at least come complimentary to any order of large fries, or be refillable!

* Legos should snap together and then have and instant bonding ability that can withstand any natural force, or unnatural force.

*Anything made from scratch should be welcomed with praises—by all family members—even if it is Split Pea Soup.

* Bathtubs should have an automatic sensor and shut off valve when the water exceeds the height of the tub.

*Towels should absorb water better.

*Chocolate should be a negative calorie food, like celery.

{Shirt: Old Navy; Pants: Old Navy; Sweater: Target; Boots: Nine West; Pearls: gift; Headband: Everbands.}

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Melody's Voice said...

Chocolate! Mom wont let me have chocolate right now, as it sometimes upsets babies :( She said I shouldn't eat it for a month. It will be missed.

Danett said...

OMGoodness -- the legos. My son builds wonderful things and then accidentally drops them and GONE! It is terrible! And the towels. I don't know how many times I had to use 20 towels to clean up a water mess!

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