Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grapefruit Protein Smoothie (video)

If you love grapefruits, you will love this!

For about a month now, my favorite breakfast of choice is my Grapefruit Protein Smoothie. I am slightly addicted and often have one with my lunch also. It is so simple, healthful, and refreshing. I’ve been receiving compliments on looking thinner and I contribute the few pounds I have lost these past few weeks to this smoothie and also having stairs in my new house that I go up and down at least 20 times throughout the day.  I’ve experimented with different techniques on how to slice the grapefruit just right as to not get any peel and no center part but still get all the juicy, fruity wonderfulness of this refreshing fruit.  This video shows the best technique that works for me, and how I prepare the smoothie. It is so much easier to just show you rather then take a million pictures.

{warning: I talk really fast…sorry.}

Nutrition Facts

Muscle Milk (one scoop): 150 calories, 2g Sugar, 16g Protein

Grapefruit (one half): 40 calories, 9g Sugar, 1g Protein


IMG_0004 copy

This post is dedicated to Erika…hopes this helps ;)

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Heather said...

Yum. I like grapefruit, it is yummy and reminds me of you. Your white cabinets look good by the way.

Erika Sullivan said...

Yay, this helped me so much! I made it the first time the other day and I did notice that one whole grapefruit made way too much, so then I realized just to use 1/2. By the way, you and your house looks fabulous! I need to see it soon! I have total kitchen envy!

Micaela said...

What kind of a blender do you have? This look totally yummy!

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