Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On sale now!

2011-12-06 001 2011-12-06 005

This sweater at New York & Co. Only $20. It is so comfy. Perfect for cold days like today. I got it in large so I can just be casual and cozy with some leggings.

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It is literally freezing out! Literally. The high today was 33! What!? But actually I love it. People complain about it if it’s too hot, they complain about it if it’s too cold.  Just sush it and enjoy the season! Growing up in So Cal we don’t get many true seasons, so I love a good, cold, seasonal day. Especially because it means lots of layers. Sweater Weather! Tis the reason to for all those fun things I love to buy.

Boots. Gloves. Turtlenecks. Coats. Hot Chocolate…

Top it off with a crackling wood fire to thaw by—perfect :)

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chloe said...

Love the outfit! I have the same boots, wear them with everything!

Heather said...

I embrace the cold up until around middle of January, then by middle of February I'm tolerating it, by March I've HAD IT with cold weather. Maybe if I had a cute sweater wardrobe like you do I'd be happier in the cold. You look good!

Michaela Stephens said...

That color purple is EXcellent. Looks great with your blond hair. The nice thing that purple is that it also is one of those colors that looks great on all different types of coloring.

tracie said...

Love the color and what a great deal.

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