Monday, June 6, 2011

Breaking Dawn Trailer (Official)

Yes--I am one of the those women. I read the books. Loved the first two. Liked the third. Tolerated the fourth. The movies haven't been so great, but I watch because I have to for my own persistent curiousity. This one looks kinda "hot" though, so that may be interesting {wink}.  As for the baby thing--whatever, I am not going to go there.
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Laura said...

I am the same way with Twilight. I tried reading them, and just wasn't interested, but I HAVE to watch everyone of them anyways for curiosity sakes. And Yes this movie is WAY more interesting! WOO! Can't wait! Lucky I have a husband that has read all the books, and loves the movies as well.

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Danielle said...

Thanks for posting this. I hadn't seen a trailer yet. I very curious about how ti will be compared to the book.

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