Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Sunday Best: Birthday Cardigan

I’m easy.

To buy for that is.

I believe.

Whenever it is gift time for me, my dear ones ALWAYS buy me such fabulous stuff!

“Oh my gosh! I love this! It is totally me!”—is close to what I say after opening each gift. With complete sincerity.

For instance this birthday gift from my Momma….

San Antonio 048

It’s pink. It has ruffles. And it’s a cardigan! Totally me.

San Antonio 049

I was so happy to wear it on Sunday, before it got too warm.

San Antonio 053

I recruited my usual photographer—my three year old. Look closely in the reflection. You can see us reviewing the shots. He takes it quite seriously.

San Antonio 047

And he enjoys taking shots when Mommy’s not ready, yet they turn out kinda cool.

I was putting away all my birthday gifts after my party, (Yes there was cake—German Chocolate. And yes, I blew out my candles!) and pondering why it is that I get such great stuff for gifts. Basically, why I’m so easy! And I came up with a theory…

which I’ll share another day, cause it’s that deep…not really. 

As for this outfit here are the particulars:

Guess Shoes, Ross; Skirt, Kohl's; Cardigan, Old Navy; White Tee, Old Navy; Necklace, gift from husband; Flower Hair Clip, Lap of Luxury.

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Lap of Luxury said...

Such a cute cardigan. And you know I love the shoes!

Stacy said...

super cute!

Laura said...

I must say that I LOVE your cardigan, and I just really love your whole outfit! I also love pink, ruffles and cardigans!

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