Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Orange You Trendy!

I read this article on about orange being this spring season’s trendy color. And I thought, “Perfect! I just bought some cute orange earrings.” I had been seeing the color sprinkled in stores like Target and New York & Co and was surprisingly drawn to it. So, I thought I’d work it into my wardrobe modestly. I got these at Compass Trading Company.

2011-03-13 001 2011-03-10 002

I used them to add a tiny citrus splash to this outfit. I only almost sprained my ankle twice while running Mommy errands and grocery shopping. These shoes are cute but not made to chase a two year old down the cereal aisle. By the end of the day I noticed strawberry stains on my pants. Again, my two year old—they were his afternoon snack. And, some other kind of stain on my backside. Great. This is why I’ve only worn these pants from Express like three times in the past five years.

 2011-03-13 001 2011-03-10 008

And FYI, basically the article recommends wearing orange with:


Hot Pink


Paired with too light of pastels and you end up looking like an Easter Egg.

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Melody's Voice said...

I love the white white pants. I've been wanting white pants for years! Love the outfit!

Kimberly said...

CUTE earrings!
Goes well with your outfit.
I do not like pink $ orange together.

I posted more outfits from my 30IN30 challenge!


Aleyta said...

I can totally relate to finding random food stains on my clothes throughout the day!!! Lol

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