Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Woes and a Kick Off

I have after book blues. I just finished reading this book. It’s the first of a series so it left me hanging, which I hate and I love. I miss the characters and they keep running through my head. So I have a bit of writer’s block. Therefore this is one of those random thoughts post. I would apologize, but to blog is never having to say I’m sorry {ok, cheese, but I told you I’m having issues}.

grey amber

Playdate at McDonald’s Outfit—Boots: Costco; Jeans: Old Navy; Sweater: Christmas gift from Mom; Long Sleeve tee: Costco; Headband: Christmas gift from Mom

Five days into 2011 and I wonder how many resolutions are still going strong or have already been forgotten. I actually started mine the week of Christmas (when I struggled to find something to wear because almost nothing fit me other then leggings.) But I no longer call it A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION because really nothing gets resoluted. I seem to make the same ones each year—start this, finish that, do this a little bit more, do a little less of that. Positive Note: They have had their success in the past though. One year I made a resolution to “believe in love” (yes, I was what I called a hopeful romantic in my single life). Six days later I went out on a first date with this charming, impressive, funny, guy who had really strong arms. Ten months later I married him! Best New Year’s Resolution ever : )

I like to now call them “Kick Offs!” Last year’s New Year’s Kick Off was *Eat No Sugar* which lasted until Valentine’s Day, but knowing my sugar obsession, that was terrific. It was a great start to losing the last bit of baby weight I was working on getting off for a cruise that spring.

Surprise, Surprise, I’m back in that “lose weight” boat, and am making this New Year’s Kick Off even simpler.  (I read that the only way to find success at resolutions is to stick to one or two.) I’ve committed to doing 30 days (consecutively) of Jillian Micheals “30 Day Shred” DVD. I am on day 13 (like I said, I started early).  Then I am going to attempt “Couch to 10k” :/  By then I’m hoping the 10 pounds I NEED to lose will be on it’s way to gone. 

Now, before you roll your eyes, saying “whatever” because all the weight loss talk, let me just say this: I realize weight is relative. One person’s skinny is another person’s fat, and one person’s fat is another person’s skinny. Pretty much no matter what weight someone is, they still want to be 10 pounds thinner. What is that?!

I just know, for me personally I feel better about myself when I can pull on my favorite jeans…without breaking a nail in the process.

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Melody's Voice said...

Cute outfit. Cute headband. Good ideas for "kick offs" I am going to get healthier too!

Kiera said...

I need to lose weight too. I really didn't make any official resolutions, but I am planning on eating healthier :)

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