Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That’s a sweater on my legs!


I’m digging the look that is popular right now to wear the high socks under the boots, as well as the leg warmer comeback (which was huge when I was in Second Grade).  However, I have not been able to find the right kind of socks. Someone mentioned Target (because all good things come from that wondrous store), but I could only find one grey pair, which I of course bought, but I think the rest were sold out. Like I said, popular.

Then! My oh so crafty, and artistically talented sister Heather (the one who reads a lot, in between her sewing and art projects), showed me how to convert old sweater sleeves into knee high socks. Brilliant!


I just happened to have a sweater that I was just about to toss because it’s days were done. But now it can live a second life : )

Now this is really complicated, so get ready to take notes.

1. Cut sweater sleeve at armpit along seem.


2. Continue up to shoulder part.


3. Slide onto leg.


4. Done.

*My sister made hers into an actual sock by turning it inside out and sewing together the cut edge.


But, that’s too complicated for me. So I just went with the leg warmer look.


That little pointy part there—I just tucked into my little booty socks when I wore my boots (no one saw it anyway).


I was quite pleased with my one minute project!


I was also quite pleased that I bought this shirt at Old Navy for only freakin’ $7 last week! So, I got one in blue too.

I was copying my sister Melody after I saw her wearing it in this post on her blog.

particulars: Boots, Alloy; Socks (duh!); Leggings, Costco; Tank, Motherhood (no I’m not pregnant, I just love how long it is); shirt (duh again! But in case you weren’t paying attention I forgive you, Old Navy); Belt, New York & Co.
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Melody's Voice said...

I saw that on Heather's blog. So creative. I did find some at Target. I bought white and black. But I am thinking I might go to Goodwill and find me some sweaters to cut up :)

Bren said...

So cute! I am getting SO excited to wear normal clothes again. Seeing you always look darling makes me jealous (in a positive way of course!)

Love ya!

Heather said...

Your sweater "socks" look cute!! And I love your boots!

Chasing Davies said...

This is awesome! I need to hit up a thrift store! Love it.

MeggyD from Chasing Davies

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