Thursday, January 20, 2011

Primary Printables (Sunbeams, Lesson 4)

“Lesson 4: I Can Pray to Heavenly Father,” Primary 1

The children are really going to enjoy this activity because it involves cutting AND GLUING!! Special thanks to my own Sunbeam for acting as model ; ) 

This goes with “Enrichment Activity” #3 in the lesson. I think this enforces the great message of including what we are thankful for in our prayers.  I know for little ones it’s so easy to have a list of things to ask for; so hopefully this can help remind them that we have many things to be thankful to Heavenly Father for and we should say them in our prayers.

Instructions: Have the children cut out (with help) the body part pictures. Then they glue each picture OVER the matching dotted word. When finished, recite the poem with the class.

Thankful parts

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Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy said...

Thank you for sharing your hard work. I found your blog a little while back from sugardoodle and love it! I think this will help with my crazy little 3 year olds. Thanks again.

valerie said...

Thank You for your great ideas! On so MANY things; especially for Sunbeams. :)

Kari Lyn said...

This download doesn't work anymore? :(

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