Saturday, January 22, 2011

Date Night Sass—Polka Dots Kick…

butt. Polka dots kick butt! I guess I feel on the tough side in this outfit because it kinda has that Catwoman look—I think it’s the boots. And the black. 

2011-01-18 001 2011-01-16 001

This one’s for you Nickell. Thanks for the secret santa gift—the necklace inspired this entire outfit for Date Night last Saturday!

My husband and I decided we should start couple dating again. We tried it out last weekend. We actually went on a triple date.


Let me clarify.

We (as in hubby and I) went on a date (together) with two other (married) couples. 

You know—couple dating! 

We haven’t done it in years. Guess were ready to live on the wild side again ;) But, seriously, it was tons of fun.  Since we’ve moved to this new place we’ve met some cool couples that we click with mutually—as in I can totally have girl talk with the wife, and the husbands can talk about, well, whatever men talk about, I’m not paying attention, I’m too busy chatting about girl stuff.  It’s a win-win date!

Thanks B & L, E & J for the good time : )

Particulars: Boots, Kohl’s; Skinny Jean, Costco; Black Undershirt, Shade; Polka-dot Blouse, Old Navy; Necklace, gift c/o my sister in law.

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Marie said...

Ohhhh! I love love LOVE the polka dots!

Melody's Voice said...

Very cute outfit! I love the polka-dots. You've always loved polka-dots. I never understood the spelling of polka-dots. Shouldn't it be poka-dots?

Chasing Davies said...

Polka dots DO kick butt! I love them - and love that shirt.

Meggy D from Chasing Davies

Julie said...

Love your outfit and love your RS Newletter Templates! Looking forward to February. You are very talented, and I appreciate you putting them together for our use.

Nickell said...

Hey! Yay for the necklace! And the outfit! I too am a polka-dot lover. Also, Mel, it maybe has something to do with polka dance??

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