Friday, December 17, 2010

This Belongs in a Museum

What does this handsome guy…


and these cute shoes have in common?

blog 006

They inspired this outfit.

blog 005

I guess I have Indy on the brain. (Which of course is not terrible because he is one of the all time sexiest characters, plus I think my hot husband looks like him when he grows out his facial scruff.) We’ve been watching a lot of Indiana Jones lately. It seems to be on TV all the time lately? Anyone else notice this? We’ve had little Indiana Jones and Short Rounds running around the house using my skinny belts as a whip. (Santa’s bringing a “real” costume one, I can’t wait).  We even incorporated Indiana Jones into our Family Home Evening on Monday. My husband planned it (gotta love him). I didn’t know how the idea would quite work—but it did! And the message stuck with the boys.  First he read the legend of the poinsettia which involves faith, then we talked about what “Faith” is, and then on came Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. You know what part now huh? Yes, the “leap of faith” bridge that appears after he takes that step off the edge. So great!

I enjoy choosing outfits (usually) and even more so when I have something as inspiration, like a holiday, copying one I saw somewhere, or themes (like this one) to give me ideas.

For this, I first chose the shirt because it was very Indiana Jones-ish, but I didn’t know how to sass it up. Then I saw the shoes that I really love but don’t wear enough. Seeing the color combination of the shoes inspired me to pick this color belt to wear with it which I probably otherwise would not have thought coordinated. Fashion made easy ladies!!

I grabbed my little Short Rounds and off we went on a crusade…to run errands.


shirt: Costco; jeans: Costco; belt: Sam Moon; shoes: Target

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Lap of Luxury said...

Such cute shoes! They are so 20s. Does Indiana Jones take place in the 20s or is it the 40s? Either way super cute! They are totally a shoe one of his lady interests would wear...oh it's the 40s because I just remembered that Nazi Germany one. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

Kimberly said...

you are missing the whip. and the hat....
Cute Outfit.

and I have never used Fashion & easy in the same sentence unless it includes a "not" or "never".

But I did go shopping yesterday and actually found some "cute outfits" and I will NOT be wearing my Green Keen Hiking Sandals tonight (I wear them 98% of the tiime- with everything)

and I was told I looked cute in my new outfit last night... must be something about turning 39.

Tracy Z. said...

Love the outfit! It looks effortlessly stylish. The shoes are my favorite. I love heels!

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