Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scarf Magic

Another winter blast is blowing through our parts. (All of a sudden I sound like I’m in a black and white western). The past two mornings I’ve woken up in it’s been totally freezing…seriously, like barely in the 40’s! (There that sounds more like me…valley girl and all). Scarves have been a must, and I’m such a wimp to the cold, I practically wrap it around my whole head like a mummy trying to cover my ears somehow. Doesn’t quite work. So then I have to let my ponytail out and hope my frizzy curls golden locks will keep them warm.  But I do love the cold. Promise.

cross behind neckAnyhoo, the tying of scarves have always been a quandary to me. Up until about two years ago, I knew of only one…okay two…actually three ways to put a scarf around my neck: 1. The simple drape around the neck and hang loose until your baby pulls it and falls to the floor (the scarf, not the baby); 2. The throw over one shoulder and keeps falling off each time you bend over; 3. The just keep twisting it around you neck so it won’t slip off and your baby can’t pull it off you, but now your choking yourself.  None of these were ideal.  I’d see actors in the movies with perfectly knotted, twisted, and bundled up so stylishly scarves and I just figured it was part of the magic of movies.

Until…one cold, blistery day, I walk into my mom’s house and see my younger sister Summer wearing a perfectly knotted, twisted, and bundled up so stylishly scarf! I pointed to her scarf and simply asked “How?” She laughed at me, which she does often, and then took my poorly draped scarf and showed me the magic! (Which wasn’t really magic after all, but still slightly tricky, so I didn’t’ feel too dumb.) And, like that, I had a sassy new way to wear my scarf. Which I use almost every time now.
So when I wanted to do a post about tying scarves I turned to my sister Summer, who not only knows all sorts of magical ways to do so, but also might possibly love and own more scarves then me.

What is ironic. Summer is now married (not ironic) and lives in Hawaii (ironic). It was probably like 80 outside when she took these pictures for me.

Here are some of her favorite ways to wear a scarf (traditional to the more tricky).

1. Throw Over

put around neckthrow 1 over shoulder
Put around neck                          Throw over shoulder

that's it


That’s it

2. Cross Back
around neckcross behind neck
Around the neck                         Cross in back


bring to frontready to go
Bring to front                                Ready to go

3. The Loopy

fold in half

wrap around neck

Fold in half                                      Wrap around neck


see the loopput through loop

See the loop?                          Pull end in other hand through loop


pull all the way through

all bundled up
Pull all the way through                    All bundled up

4. Shoulder Drape (for wide scarves or shawls)

take wide scarf

drape over shoulers

Take wide scarf                         Drape over shoulders


throw 1 over 1 shoulder

put 2nd over 2nd shoulder
Throw one end over one shoulder     Throw other end over other shoulder

nice and snug


Nice and snug

5. Bond Girl Tie (for the smaller square scarf)

square scarf

fold into a triangle

Use a square scarf                       Fold in half


start rolling or foldingroll or fold whole scarf

Start rolling or folding                   Roll of fold up whole scarf


or tie on headscarf tie


Tie around neck                             or Tie as headband

6. The Bandit (for any size square scarf)

take square scarf

fold into triangle

Take square scarf                       Fold into triangle


put scarf around neck

tie behind neck
Put scarf around neck                   Tie in the back


you're set to go


You are all set to go…rob a bank. Just kidding. Go rob a grocery store. Just kidding. Bank is better. Just kidding for reals!

Thanks Summer : )


On the topic of scarves. Read my story about my (not so fantastic) first attempt to crochet one here.
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Melody's Voice said...

Very cute! I always make sure I cross mine in the back almost as if I am about to tie it in a bow but without making the loops. it helps to keep the scarf from slipping in the back.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I always wondered how to tie the scarfs so fancy. Thanks for the tutorial.

Heather Lytle said...

Loved the tutorial. Where's a good place to buy inexpensive scarves?

Amber @ Be Sassy Classy said...

Go check out my Amazon store on the left sidebar. Also, Target, Payless Shoes, and sometimes Walmart.

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