Friday, December 17, 2010

Primary Printable (Primary 2, Lesson 46)

Primary 2, Lesson 46 “Jesus Christ is the Greatest Gift”

This activity sheet is a combination of two suggested activities in the lesson.  First, the lesson suggests making a card for someone with an act of service the child will do for that person. With this Service Star activity they can write or draw an act of service they will give as a gift for each family member or loved one. Second, it also goes with the making a star decoration activity to teach the importance of the star for the Wise Men. I have included possible family members but the children can pick their own as well or change according to their family dynamic. Remind the children to put it in a place at home where they will remember to “give their gifts” during the week. You could possibly bring a hole punch and ribbon, so they can hang it on the Christmas Tree!

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Micaela said...

You have such a creative mind! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Corinne said...

People like you make life better for people like me! Thanks so much.

Jessica said...

Thank you -- I'm a last minute sub today and used this for a CTR 7 class.

Allyson said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful handout! I will be trying to use this with my CTR 4 class tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

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