Saturday, December 11, 2010

Melody’s Moving Shoes #4

A Sneak Peak of my sister Melody’s version of “Gone Country” over at her blog Melody’s Voice.


Our husbands don’t really get the whole blog thing, let alone taking pictures of the outfits we wear. I guess there’s many that don’t get it. But not you right?

When I do my outfit posts, I usually take the pictures it in my bathroom behind bolted doors if hubby’s home. If he comes a knocking, asking what I’m doing in there, I make up some tantalizing excuse and that suffices him. Then 20 minutes later I either have to follow through with said distraction excuse or he’s fallen asleep on the couch.

When it’s just the boys at home they think it looks like lots of fun and want me to take pictures of their “outfits”. For instance today I was preparing for a post about my latest shopping spree and I snapped these cute shots:


Poses of their choice (if you can’t tell).

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Brittney said...

Ah! I'm glad I'm not the only one with the kind-of-sneak-behind-husb's-back-about-the-whole-photo-thing. And we actually have an awesome marriage. Odd. ANYway, I just barely started this whole fashion-blog thing, and I'm having a great time. Come check it out if you're so inclined, and follow along!
Have a good one!

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