Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hypothetical Left-overs Sandwich

Have lots of left-overs? Want an idea of something to make with them? It’s not very fancy or very inventive so don’t get too excited. But it’s yummy.

Backstory (cause I love them):  At our favorite family deli,my husband ordered this sandwich (this was a few weeks ago), and I thought, “note to self: make for Thanksgiving leftovers.” Well, I went into the fridge today, after a delightful movie date with my two handsome sons (we saw Tangled…loved it!), in hopes to make this perfect Thanksgiving Next Day sandwich and…

all the leftovers for it were gone. Gone. My sweetheart, who stayed home to watch our one-year-old, had quite a satisfying lunch apparently. However he did save me some So Sweet Potatoe pie so I was cool with it.

So, no picture to go with this. But anyhoo, here was the sandwich I was going to make.
Cut leftover roll in half, spread with cream cheese, then spread with leftover cranberry relish or sauce, layer on the leftover turkey, add sliced red onion and some fresh greens. Enjoy : )

Because I can’t handle a post without a picture.

Thanksgiving 033

This little native joined us for our great feast. He goes by “Yellow Feather who runs with Wolves.”
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Micaela said...

Just found your blog. Followed a link from sugardoodle about 2 hours ago and have been here ever since. nice. my poor children have been neglected while I've been peaking in on a stranger's life. thing is, if we lived closer (i live in TN and I assume you live out west somewhere) we would be friends. just sayin'! you have cute ideas, and you are a super sassy and classy momma! Excited to be your newest follower :)

Sassy Classy Mommy said...


I think I'm going to cry your comment is so sweet. I just sat down--after dinner, mopping the floor, and then re-making another mess with baking cookies with my boys--for finally some ME time and your comment is just what I needed. I'm sure we would def be friends! I see you are a Zumba teacher! awesome--I am just getting into it. Anyway, this is a super long comment response, but you just made me all giddy :)

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

So you liked Tangled. Did the boys? The sandwich sounds yummy!

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