Tuesday, June 8, 2010

104 days of Summer Vacation

If you have the Disney Channel and children, you will know…

There's 104 days of summer vacation
And school comes along just to end it
So the annual problem for our generation
Is finding a good way to spend it


Day 1-

First official day of Summer Vacation being that it’s a Monday and Colton doesn’t have school.  Consumed with tasks necessary to complete before we put our home up for sale (on Wednesday), I was already stressed and just let the kids play with their gamers and while cartoons played in the background.  Luckily Colton had not come to me yet with “I’m bored”.  We had only been up for about an hour, when my mom came to the rescue.  Have I mentioned what a fantastic mom I have? Hard to believe she’s an even better Grandma :)  As I was poring my bowl of cereal, she surprised us at the door. She came to help me around the house and then offered to take the boys (all of them) back to her house for the day.  She volunteered to plant my potato vines and two shrubs in the backyard.


As she did that, I started with my touch-up painting in the house.  Amazing how much gets done with just a little help.  So, off to Grandma’s house the boys went  where they spent the day playing in her pool and eating lots of treats. I spent the day painting walls, doors, door frames, trim, and my entire pantry.



Day 2-

I was startled awake this morning to something smashing and shattering.  One of my wall frames fell and broke to pieces. (note to self…raffia is not a sturdy tie).  With a somewhat goodnight’s rest, thanks to Tylenol PM, I felt more rested and less stressed. I only have about five projects to do today and to clean the whole house. After our ritual P&F (Phineas and Ferb) watching and 10 minutes each of Nintendo DS time each, the boys explored our magazine rack that I was cleaning out and discovered forgotten Zoobooks magazines and reading books.  That discovery led to the need to have bookmarks.  So, the boys made their own (using the cardboard from the now destroyed picture frame). 





Unfortunately it is not even 9:30 am yet, and I have 11 more hours of the day to fill for these boys. 


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Serenity said...

my summer started april 20th!!! ahah. but it only just as of this week feels like summer has started because its finally summer weather in utah. I miss those summers in texas though...so nice. but i'm havin fun here too.

Jamie said...

You are selling your house? Where are you going?

Amber Joy said...

We don't know where we are going yet. But the plan is to just move a little north, still close to Sean's work and Grandparents.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Thank you for the nice comment. Did you hear about a water day at the science musuem this week?

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