Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just one my “things”—The Fridge

Growing up I would observe the happenings in my family and the things my mom did and think to myself "When I grow up, I'm going to do that with my kids," like making up bedtime stories, having picnics on the lawn, doing family prayer, every once in a while make breakfast for dinner, the list goes on (I'm lucky to have such a great mom...and dad, too.)
But then I also would sometimes say to myself, "When I grow up I am NOT going to do that!" Naturally the mother-like daughter phrase holds true and for the most part I would be proud to be the kind of mother I have. However, in some things I break the cycle. One of those things is THE REFRIDGERATOR.
My mom knows that I cannot stand how crowded and unorganized her fridge is. Her mother's fridge is just the same way. With me it stops! Even when living in my parents’ home, I would often clean and organize the fridge, and get so upset when it was all out of order the next day. We had nine people in our house--it happens.
Now I am grown up AND I have my own fridge AND this is how it looks…

I'm glad my hubby respects my fridge particular-ness and puts everything back where it belongs.
Oh, and for you doubters out there, I didn't just clean and organize my fridge for this post. I just randomly thought of it and took a picture.
P.S. Mom, when you read this, notice that I do have fruits and vegetables :) Love you!
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Stacy said...

So tidy. The yogurt shelve looks like our's because Dustin eats the red yoplaits and I eat the blue.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I was just thinking how bad my refrigerator is. I really need tomake it looklike yours.

Heather Lytle said...

Can you come over and organize my fridge?

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