Thursday, January 7, 2010

Make-Up Make-Over

I am not much of a reality tv fan, although I do want to start watching “The Biggest Loser” as motivation to get toned, but for some reason I enjoy watching (for the most part) the E! reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.  The family lives in Calabasas California which one of my best friends from college was from and my sister’s husband, and I always enjoyed the 45 minute drive out there from my house because it was through the hills and close to the beach.  So, I like the cali shots and also the three sisters dress really cute.  The one sister, Kim, is the most famous one because she models and is BFF’s with celebs and dates football star Reggie Bush.  Anyway, Kim is hot stuff (even Sean agrees with that along with probably any other male) and she does her makeup so pretty!  As one who enjoys makeup, when I make the time to, I decided to Google makeup tips from Kim Kardashian and I found her website with just what I was looking for.  She posted a blog about her general makeup routine and the brands she uses for foundation, mascara, blush etc.  Well, since I don’t have a hundred dollars to spend on a tube of mascara or bottle of foundation, I just made a mental note of her basic tips.  I decided to use the makeup I already have in my drawer and best apply her suggestions and routine tips for myself and see if what the end result would be.  Now, this is very brave of me, but I’m going to show you the “without” and the “with”.  Oh, and side note, if anyone has any recommendations on how to take a self portrait without it looking like a goober please let me know.



It’s a pretty natural look. The focus of Kim’s makeup is under eye foundation layers and multiple coats of mascara. I used soft pinks to match my sweater I was wearing, and didn’t do heavy eyeliner because my eyes are still sensitive from the surgery.   Maybe later I can try a more dramatic look.
To check it out yourself here’s the link to the website:  Kim's makeup tips
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Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Very pretty :) I enjoy watching make-up and hair tutorial too.

Stacy said...

Ok I have two things to say
1) You look WAY too good without makeup
2) You look like a rockstar with it.

Lois Brown said...

your make up looks fabulous darling!!!

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