Saturday, January 9, 2010

A touch of pink….or so.

In a home where the usual talk is of GI Joe, Dinosaurs, and how to throw with stepping forward and following through, I feel I am entitled to add the feminine touch hear and there.  Sean is terrific in letting me have complete freedom in decorating and compliments my style decisions throughout the house.  I must admit that there have been a few chairs or decor accents that he hasn’t been initially fond of but he trusts my judgment and rolls with it, and I have had to poo-poo some decor suggestions by him, like a Star Wars poster or a hideous hand me down recliner.  But among all my home decorating loves is our bedroom. The suite is mostly on the neutral side with the black and white color pallet but slowly I’ve been letting some pink creep in bit by bit.  I just love, love, love my latest feminine splash of pink (gifted to me by my mother in law)--an accent pillow for the bed. On the day I got it, Colton came home from school and walked into my room and instantly said, “I like your new pink pillow, mommy.”  Now, if only his father had said that.  He’s remained silent on the topic.  He is a wise, kind man :)

Here are my other pink touches throughout our room.
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Stacy said...

I love it!

Sharla said...

Love the pink! The pillow is awesome.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

Your room is SO Cuuute!

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