Primary Lesson Helps

Primary 1, Lesson 43: “We Have a Living Prophet”

This goes with one of the suggested activities in the lesson.

I will follow our ProphetFollow the Prophet
            Download here                            Download here

My Sunbeam age son enjoys any activity that is the trifecta--coloring, cutting and gluing! I designed this with that in mind. Help the children write in their name and they can check off the boxes of what they choose to do to Follow the Prophet (hopefully all four.) Then have them color the pictures on the other page, cut, and glue in the correct spaces.  If you don’t want to do the second color, cut and glue sheet activity, simply have the children draw in themselves doing the action. Click on the link below to download.

Primary 2, Lesson 43: “Jesus Christ Will Come Again”

This activity goes with the parable taught in the lesson about the Ten Virgins and their oil lamps. Having enough oil in the lamps can be compared to the children preparing for the second coming by doing the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Each child is given a lamp and drops of oil with things they can do to prepare. Have them cut out the oil drops and “put” (glue) them in their oil lamp.

Prepare oil lamp[5]Prepare oil drops[10]
Download here                                Download here (one half per child)

PRIMARY HANDOUT and ACTIVITY PRINTABLES for Lesson 42 (manuals 1, 2, 6)
{scroll down to find the one you need}

Primary Lesson Activity Handout: (Manual 6, Lesson 42, "Daniel in the Lion's Den.")

This handout goes with the lesson's suggested Enrichment Activity #4. The children can write in their name and then make a list of things they are grateful for to include in their daily prayers; and they can make a list of things they can humbly ask for help in from the Lord in their daily prayers.


Primary Lesson Handout: (Manual 2, Lesson 42, “The Church of Jesus Christ is on the Earth.)

This handout was so fun to make because I wanted to include the entire globe as options for those who may be teaching this lesson around the world. It shows how wonderful and worldwide the gospel stretches. So be sure to download the printable that includes the globe showing your continent!

The idea with this handout is for the children to recognize where on the globe they live and then draw a line from it to connect to a picture they can draw in the free space of them either at church or sharing the gospel to friends.

This will print out 2 handouts onto a full 8 x 10 sheet paper. Print out as many as needed for your class.

Africa Earth
Australia Earth

Europe Earth
Eastern Earth
Download European Continent Here          Download Eastern Continent Here

I apologize if I did not correctly name the continents…I am terrible at geography.

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For the Sunbeams: (primary manual 1, lesson 42 “I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”)

I Belong tag

The children will love getting to create their own badges with this printable. They can help write their name and then draw a self-portrait in the box!

This will print out 10 badges onto a 8 x 10 full size sheet. You can use sticker paper (bought at your local office supply store). Or use white cardstock, or normal printer paper, cut out and simply attach to the children using a safety pin.

I Belong Badge

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Primary Handout Printables (Lesson 41)
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{These are super cute for any Christian class or preschool.}

At my church we call the children’s Sunday school classes Primary. It’s for ages 3 to 11.  As a Primary teacher for MANY years, I’ve learned that if the children can leave your lesson with a simple, short message or principle, they will remember it better.  I like to put these short messages on a handout for them to take home to display on the fridge, wear proudly, or to tuck into their scriptures. 
With that said, I have created three printables for you to use as you like. {These match lesson 41 in Primary manuals 1, 2 & 6}
Free for a limited time
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Jesus Said Love Everyone: (Sunbeams manual 1—lesson 41, but can work for any young age). This would be a great magnet to take home. Just print out, cut out, and stick on magnet tape. Or, attach a looped ribbon to the back and have the kids wear as badges.

Love Everyone Full Sheet Printable

He is Risen: (Junior Primary manual 2—lesson 41, but great for YW or RS too.) I think these would make either lovely tags on treats or stickers.

He is Risen Full Sheet Printable

Grow Strong with Good Choices: (Senior Primary manual 6—lesson 41, but good for any age). These would make adorable tags for take home treats. Or, attach a ribbon horizontally on back and tie around wrists like a bracelet.

Grow Strong Full Sheet Printable-1

Come back next Friday for Lesson 42 printables.

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