Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Primary 3, Lesson 14: The Word of Wisdom

Lesson 14: The Word of Wisdom

Healthy and Happy Coloring Page

I created this coloring page to follow the handout suggestion at the end of the lesson:

Give each child a smiling face to remind them that they are happier when they choose healthy foods to eat.

They can color the faces (one for boys, one for girls) to look like them and also write their name at the bottom.

Have a happy Sunday!

Amber :)

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Kimberly Terrill said...

Thise are cute! I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy No Pantt APRIL! You did a month long challenge a few years ago, about wearing a different outfit each day, I did the same and last year it evolved into No Pants April ! (I think it was you, LOL). It,s a way for me to shake off the Lazy, Comfy, Winter clothes blues and get ready for spring! Thanks for the inspiration!

ER Rae said...

Thank you SO much for this :)

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