Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The warm weather wish list begins

I really should not get these emails sent to me. It is counterproductive to my New Year’s resolution to be budget conscious in my spending and only buy what is really needed.


However, I’ve decided I need boat shoes. I do!

Am I a boater? No. I think I could be. Aside from my sever motion sickness and aversion to getting wet.

Well, it’s still fun to dress as if I could be.

Like her…


I also need white pants.

I will be going on a boat in December though. It’s actually a Disney Cruise!! It doesn’t hurt to be prepared 10 months early right?


What is on your warm weather wish list?

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Debbie Blair said...

This outfit would be perfect for the cruise. Can't wait to see what other outfits you duplicate.

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Rabin Ban said...

LOL! That was really funny! YcDress and DressesForBest

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