Sunday, December 16, 2012

A monumental first


In all the history of this little family of five we have constructed our very first “Gingerbread” house!


Actually, it was the four of us since Daddy was away on business in D.C.


And if you count the one construction worker who felt it was necessary to taste test every type of candy we had to put on the house (I guess he was part of the Health and Safety Department), then it was the three of us.


It really was a collaborative effort and our team worked really well together. There were no structural compromising, nor any hazards. And I’m just really pleased that we were able to complete this monumental beauty without any tears. I mean just look at that craftsmanship, symmetry, and attention to detail!

It’s a shame the next day Snowy the elf got his tiny little mitts on it and demolished half of it.


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Melody Pellegrin said...

It's looks like a gingerbread teepee.

Debbie Blair said...

Looks like a fun activity

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