Wednesday, October 10, 2012

His and Hers Halloween Decor

2012-10-10 001

It is my favorite time of the year. The temperatures cool, the leaves change, boots, pumpkin everything, and down from the attic come the 35 boxes of holiday decorations for the next three months. Thirty days each to enjoy Halloween Décor, Thanksgiving Décor, and Christmas Décor. 

If you know my husband and I, or have been reading my blog for a while, you know that we are HUGE festive loving people. Halloween decorations are probably my favorite. They are definitely my husband’s favorite. Before we moved to our current home, we used to do a Haunted House for the neighborhood on Halloween. Over 2,000 people would come through. Fun Times!

Consequently we now have A LOT of creepy, disturbing decorations that my husband enjoyed decorating our new home with.  I felt the need to balance out the spooky with some sparkly, cutesy Halloween décor. Ours is a His and Hers Haunted House {wink}.


Dining Room Buffet Table (Hers).



Dining Room Table Runner and Centerpieces (Hers).



Entry Cauldron of Bones and Tombstone (His).


Foyer Table Gargoyle and Terrifying Portrait (His) .


Foyer Window sparkly candle lanterns (Hers). Evil Cat and Spider (His).


Foyer Pendant Light Spider (His). And that’s not even the big one.


Office Prisoner and Screaming Ghost (His).


Warning sign was my 8-yr-old’s. Obviously, like Father like Son.


Yes, those are THAT big. Plus the vampire bat has red glowing eyes. It freaks me out. It is HIS favorite.


Fireplace and Mantel (Hers).


Banner made by my mom. Tutorial.


Mirror Stick On’s (Hers).


Letter Blocks (Hers, homemade).


Mean Pumpkins (His). Homemade Door Wreath, Hay, Flowers, Mat (Hers).


Made by my 8-yr-old with his Grandma. Tutorial.


Made by my 5-yr-old with his Grandma.

It is going to be so wonderful to celebrate the Fall and Winter Holidays for the first time in this home. I feel so blessed…even if I can’t walk through my house after dark for the next twenty days.

Our top places to buy Halloween Décor:

  • Target
  • Cracker Barrell
  • Kirkland’s
  • Spirit
  • World Market
  • Costco
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Debbie Blair said...

So many great decorations. I will have to pin them. I miss the hauntef house fun.

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