Thursday, July 19, 2012

California vacation 2012: Brayden and Daddy Play in L.A.



Sean and Brayden started their California vacation early by flying together a few days before the fourth of July.  Brayden was so excited to go on the airplane with Daddy, yet at the same time he was very uncertain about the whole thing. But he had his backpack of goodies, “squishy poppers”, and Leapster; and he had his sippy cup to hold. He was very silent when I dropped him off with Daddy. As I pulled away and waved through the window, he gave me one last long look, clutched his sippy cup close to his belly, on followed behind Daddy.

…and I don’t think he thought about Mommy for another second the rest of his time playing in L.A. with Daddy.


Sherman Oaks—outside the 24 hour fitness that many stars go to (and Daddy whenever he visits Grandma.)


At Bob’s Big Boy with Grandma Jones. Brayden’s milkshake blew his socks off. And then he punched out Bob.



Merry-go-round at the L.A. Zoo. The elephants were his favorite Daddy says.


Brayden was a little unsure, but brave about the huge Valencia Firework show. Love my Navy boys :)


Meanwhile, we stayed back in Texas and took a walk to Kroger on the Fourth.

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