Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Married Baby Sister


My baby sister, who is four inches taller then me (and 13 years younger), got married on Friday, June 15th, in the Bountiful Utah Temple.  She is the last of the “Blair Girls” to be married.  It was a wonderful experience to sit in the sealing room with all my siblings and my parents for the first time.

IMG_0089 (2)

Serena was such a gorgeous bride!  My sister Heather and I got her ready the morning of her wedding—Heather did her hair and I did her makeup. We joked about how we used to take turns changing her diaper, or taking turns to hold her on our lap during FHE. I taught two year old Serena how to swing her first punch right into Heather’s face. It was special to share the memory of her as a beautiful bride.


A match made in Heaven.  That is Serena and Cameron.  They are two people sharing the same soul. When I first met Cam after they had been dating a few weeks, I immediately saw that he was a perfect match for her.  I am so thankful to Cameron for being such a wonderful man and loving my sister—he is a blessing to our family.  He is exactly what she always dreamed she would spend an eternity with.  The happiness he puts in her eyes warms this big sister’s heart :)


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Erika Sullivan said...

Such pretty pictures Amber! And I have to say, you DO NOT look 13 years older than her. You are looking good! What is your secret? :)

Debbie Blair said...

Beautiful pictures. You are a wonderful big sister. Thank you for all you did to make her day wonderful.
I love you,

Serenity said...

thanks amber! it was such a great day!

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