Thursday, June 28, 2012

Momma’s Desperate

My brother’s wedding in California is soon. VERY SOON. And, I have not a thing to wear…that is new, wedding appropriate and matches the wedding colors. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.










A mother shopping in a department store with three boys is desperate.

Just know this fact and cut her some slack when she lets them play hide-and-go-seek in the rack rounds and packs all three in the dressing room with her. A few pluses though, they can hold up dresses for you as you text your future sister in law to approve possible dresses, and they can zip up hard to reach angles.










Not a plus, when your three-year-old is playing games on your iPhone to distract him and then switches to the camera mode, “No pictures of mommy while she is dressing PLEASE!” Being desperate is such joy.

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Lap of Luxury said...

What you do wear will no doubt me adorable :)

Ruth said...

Yes, I would agree that you must be desperate to take 3 boys with you when shopping for a special outfit. If I ever took my 3 boys shopping, they would turn into monkeys and literally hang on everything: clothes racks, shelving, etc. I learned to dress and undress quickly!

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