Saturday, June 2, 2012

Colton’s Baptism





Colton Tillman Connelly was baptized by his father Sean Patrick Connelly today. Our first born’s baptism. What a special, special day this was!  I knew it was going to be a special day and we all had been excited for it for weeks. We’ve been reading about baptism in the Book of Mormon, talking about it at Family Home Evening, and discussing it over our dinners.  Turning eight is such a big deal. I knew it would be special and woke up this morning so excited for my Colton, but it was not until it was actually happening, when I saw him standing in his baptism whites next to his Daddy in his baptism whites that the joy, holy spirit, emotions, and comfort filled every part of my body that I was almost overwhelmed by it. There have been only a few times in my life that I have felt the holy spirit so strongly—my patriarchal blessing, my temple marriage sealing, and seeing my first born son enter the waters of baptism with my wonderful priesthood holding eternal companion performing the ordinance.  I just could not stop smiling, nor could Sean, nor could Colton :) 

Colton asked his Uncle Brian to participate in the baptism program by starting it off with giving a talk on the ordinance of Baptism.  Brian gave such a beautiful and eloquent talk that it immediately welcomed the Lord’s spirit into the room. He shared his experience of visiting Jerusalem and personally seeing the waters of Jordan where Jesus Christ was baptized, and he bore his testimony. It was so special. (Thank you Brian).

When Colton walked down into the water of the baptismal font he had a huge smile on his face. He assuredly held onto his Daddy’s arm and went under without hesitation. He even came up smiling! He came up out of the water and immediately  looked straight at me and gave me his happiest smile. Oh my heart!

We moved to a separate room to give the confirmations. While we waited for them to change back into their dry clothes, I showed a short photo montage I made of Colton’s life thus far.  Seeing his life in photos from the moment Sean first held him in his arms to now, combined with how full my heart felt from seeing him get baptized, just opened the emotions inside of me and the tears began to fall.  At one point I looked back to see if Sean had entered the room and was watching the montage. He was standing there in the back of the room with the most emotion filled in this eyes that I have ever seen in the ten years I’ve known him.  It was one of those pivotal moments when the culmination of my life’s choices came together and I am reminded of my gratitude that the Lord has guided me and blessed me, to bring me to where I am, and then I get to see my son beginning his own spiritual journey with the decision to be baptized—So wonderful!

Sean’s confirmation blessing to Colton was tender and eloquent and profound.  He was surrounded in the circle by Brian Connelly, Warner Blair, Cameron Simonsen, and Troy Taylor.

All the family in Texas came to support Colton at his baptism which really meant a lot to Sean, Colton and me. Thank you Pop, Grandma Chris, Jo Jo, Grandma and Grandpa Blair, Serena and Cameron, Brian and Kristin Connelly and all the cousins! It was awesome that we filled up most the room and Colton could look out and see all your faces. When I asked him how he felt after it was all over, he simply said, “Happy!”

A small part of what personally impacted the specialness of today was that exactly 28 years ago I was baptized by my father Warner Thurston Blair.


A 1984 righteous decision brought,


A 2012 happiness!

I am so proud of our Colton. He is such a good, good boy who has a strong sense of right and wrong and strives to do the right every single day. He wants to make his mommy and daddy happy and he wants to make his Lord happy :) He is an amazing son of God who I am humbled and honored to watch over for Heavenly Father while he is in this life. I am a better person because he is my son.

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Heather said...

What a beautiful post. I got all teary-eyed reading it. You are so good at posting the events from your family's life. Your kids will love to go back and look at these posts when they are older. I am inspired to be better at recording events from my family's journey through life.

Debbie Blair said...

The tears are flowing again. Colton is a wonderful boy. You and Sean have done a great job with him.

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