Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Texas Forever and Football Jocks


I’ve had country-Texas style on the brain, so I decided to pull out the ol’ cowgirl boots and big belt buckle. I recently finished watching FIVE season of “Friday Night Lights” in THREE weeks. (Thank you Netflix Instant)

“Friday Night Lights” is a television series set in small town Texas and focuses on the obsession of High School Football life.  The characters are well developed, real, likeable, and the game scenes are exciting.  I enjoyed the marriage relationship of the Coach and his wife—very relatable; but I would have to say my favorite character is Tim Riggins.

This is Tim (played by Taylor Kitsch). The long-haired, brooding bad boy with a tender heart.

I have a bit of a soft spot for the type because I married one ;)Watching “Friday Night Lights” made me think about my husband’s high school football days, who he was, what he had to go through, who he grew into and how our paths finally met.

number 12

Here is my handsome Quarterback. This was taken for his Varsity Senior year. So cute! Had I known him then I would have totally wanted to steal him from his cheerleader girlfriend. But I was over at the rival high school (on the other side of those mountains you see) living my teenage years with our worlds crossing yet never meeting each other. Senior year was rough on him (football drama, crushed hopes—long story), and he started growing his hair out to let the world know they could all kiss his a**.

 sean with cheetah 2

So totally hot!

sean with cheetah

Eight years later we met at church. His was an interesting and sometimes rough road for our paths in life to finally collide, but I’m thankful for it. Now here we are in Texas!

As Timmy would say, “Texas Forever.”  Watch the show and you’ll get it. And, you’re welcome :)

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Danett said...

My kind of outfit! You look great!

Heather said...

Love the outfit. It totally looks like something Tammy Tailor would've worn on FNL.
Let's just say that Sean looks much better with short hair.

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